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Jul 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
massacre, and his first court appearance, and you saw it there live. he is james holmes. he went before a judge, and this is the first look at the suspect. since this shooting rampage that left 12 people dead and 58 wounded. it is the talk of the country. it is simply the talk and the story around the world. james holmes, and we saw and got a good look of what he looked like here and his hair was dyed bright red and orange and he sat quietly next to the attorney in the courtroom, and really a bizarre situation taking place there. i want to bring in a number of the players who have been following this. don lemon who has been outside of the courthouse. jim spellman, who has been in d inside of the courthouse. we will bring in our legal contributor paul callon out of new york and poppy harlan to talk more about the victims in the case. but don, i want to start off with you here, because we've seen for the first time what james holmes looks like, and it was really kind of bizarre and very disturbing as a lot of people took a look and saw the guy had very little emotion. at one point, it lo
Jul 20, 2012 9:00am PDT
this suspect identified as 24-year-old james holmes in the parking lot. witnesses describes what happens in this terrifying scene. >> he came in and he started lighting a gas can, and he threw it into the crowd. at that point, he shot his first fire into the ceiling to scare everybody and they started scattering and mass chaos happened. from that point he went from here to here and he pointed the gun at me and i was terrified so i dove into the aisle and at that point he started to shoot people behind me and i had bullets burning my forehead and i knew i had to get out of there. i crl toed on the ground and waited in a ball until he went up to the stairs. i said to my friend, corbin, when he goes up the stairs we have to get out of here. we have to crawl. and at that point, everybody said, don't go over there, because he is going to shoot everybody who tries to get out of the main doors. and he was. and all i could hear would gunshot after gunshot, and women and everybody was screaming and he had on a mask so i could not see his face. >> and among those wounded was a 3-month-old baby. th
Jul 20, 2012 12:00pm EDT
a picture of james holmes who is the a resident of aurora, colorado, and he is 24 years old. we are getting more information about him. he is a ph.d. candidate of the university of colorado where we are getting this picture from. the university of colorado. we understand that he was a ph.d. candidate for neurosciences, and that he had enrolled in june of last year, 2011, and that he was in the process of withdrawing from the university. that is the information that we have. he is 24 years old. he's a ph.d. candidate for neurosciences at the university of colorado. this is what the alleged gunman looks like. 24 years old. this is the individual who allegedly was responsible for this massacre here. this is a student. he is relatively young. you see he is smiling there. and the information that we have is that he was in the process of withdrawing from the university. we don't know what the circumstances are around that. we don't know whether or not he has family in the area. we do know that investigators did search the apartment and the building four miles from the theater where he lived. that
Jul 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
shooting suspect james holmes lived. this is the first time they have been allowed back since the building was evacuated almost a week ago. a author si say that holmes booby trap ed the apartment with homemade grenades and gasoline. there are reports that a letter was found inside of a package apparently sent by holmes. according to the cbs news, the letter talked about shooting people. the package was discovered in the mailroom at the university of colorado. >>> in syria, the city of aleppo is bracing itself for major all out offensive on a rebel strongholstron strongho stronghold, and there are clashes through the country today leaving 91 people dead with 19 of them in aleppo. >>> and then there is lots of excitement as you watch the torch there going through its last route of london. the golden torch making its victory lap so to speak. you are looking here at the millennium bridge. it is one of the iconic sites where the flame is being carried. the torchbearers took a pass through trafalgar square a short time ago and just past the prime min ster's residence at 10 downing street, and th
Jul 18, 2012 9:00am PDT
as a pandemic. some countries are getting a jump start to getting people off of the couch and michael holmes, i feel like we should be standing for this segment. >> and jogging in fact. >> and tell us about the country and some who are trying to get ahead of the game. >> well, they are. and colombia is a good example and they have a thing there and i have to look it up because i had not heard it until i saw it today, and basically translates from portuguese as bicycle park or open streets, and this is happening in varying degrees around the world but bogota, colombia, started it off and from 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on public holidays as well shgs, they shut down the busy roads and bogota is busy place and it is 100 kilometers of roads and it is only for people to go running, skating and biking is big and a way of getting people off of the armchairs. they think that it sort of 20 25% of the people taking part would not have done anything that day. it is sort of catching on around the world and australia has a smaller version of it and other countries as well. >> i k
Jul 19, 2012 9:00am PDT
bearded egyptian president, and michael holmes is here to talk about all of the hair here. when i went to i jiegypt the yog westernized guys did not have facial hair and then the more conservatives who did. what is the significance of this? >> well, for the muslims, they see the growing of the beard as a symbol of religious piety and somehow linked to showing the religiousness if you like. it is actually not written anywhere in islam, but it is seen that way. you go to a lot of the muslim countries and you will see a lot of the more traditionalists with the beards. what has changed now in egypt though that makes it interesting is that you are now seeing the beards popping up in places that you didn't before, policemen, flight attendants and even the anchors on the tv news, and you are also seeing on the other side, the women are starting to wear head scarves if they want to. it is an expression of freedom if you like under the new democracy. >> and why wasn't president mubarak, the former president, not allowing people to express themselves in that way? what was he so afraid of? >> wel
Jul 24, 2012 12:00pm EDT
booby trap inside the apant of james holmes. now the suspect in the colorado movie massacre.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)